Our Facility

Global Coffee Facilities

Our accredited facility offers a ‘full service solution’ to meet your unique and specific requirements. We use state of the art roasting equipment that allows us to provide Artisanal roasting on a large scale, while our different Italian engineered packing lines allow us to pack a range of diverse products in large volumes.

The Raw Materials

We are continually searching for the world’s best coffee producing regions to source the highest quality coffee beans 


Over the past 20 years we have developed personal relations with the suppliers to ensure consistency of supply.


All our raw materials are imported directly from source.


Long term purchase agreements with suppliers ensure that we can offer the best pricing to our clients. 

Packing Facility

State of the art facilities

  • BRC accredited (Site Code – 10010518)
  • An Italian engineered packing equipment 
  • A range of packing lines to suit requirements 
  • Capacity to pack up to 14 tons per day.

Roasting Capabilities

  • Artisanal roasting by hand “traditional style’ but on large-scale
  • State-of-the-art roasting equipment, a combination of Probat and Gesien Drum, in a variety of sizes, and Sivities Fluid Bed
  • The use of intelligent computer software profiting systems managing temperature, time and drum speed.
  • Multiple destoning and bean cleaning systems. 


International quality control BRC global standards 

  • British Retail Consortium Global Standard (BRCGS) AA Rating (Certificate # C0773566-BRC1)
  • CRCGS, now in it’s 8th issue, is the leading brand and consumer protection organization, used by 29,000 + certified suppliers in 130+ countries globally. The BRCGS is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified programme.