Coffee Capsules

Capsule Designs

All coffee is roasted and ground to specifically suit a capsules delivery method, ensuring the appropriate Total Dissolved Solid [TDS] reading to ensure a full-bodied taste and consistent flow rate. 

Package Options

All full range of options are available from: a complete ‘contract packing solution’ including coffee and packaging, to ‘capsules filling only’


All capsules are nitrogen flushed for freshness

Capsule Range

A range of capsules types available: oxygen barrier, aluminum and biodegradable. 

Packaging Options

Our creative department can help with your design and brand packaging to suit your needs.


Home Compost . Oxygen Barrier . 100% Biobased

Oxygen Barrier

Standard Colours or Customizable


20 Standard Colours Available 

Zero Impact

First-ever home compostable capsules

Zero Impact is the world’s first coffee capsule “OK Compost Home” certified, 100% Biobased, barrier to oxygen, and compatible with the Nespresso system.

Zero Impact is solving many different problems linked to renewability of our resources, permeability of biomaterial and end of life options, all of this without losing quality in the cup.